The beaches of Rodi Garganico: fine sand, surfers’ paradise and the scent of oranges

In Rodi Garganico blows a sea wind that also smells of oranges and lemons. Here is the Ponente beach that extends towards west beyond the city, to the Lido del Sole, formed by sand dunes, it is also crossed by the mouth of the creek Romandato that here deposits pebbles and stones carried by the current. It is exposed to north winds that make it a favorite destination of surfers, but also of families with children thanks to the accommodation and recreation facilities that welcome visitors with all types of equipment.

The Levante beach, on the other hand, is a fine golden sand carpet that gently unites with the sea, it stretches for about a kilometer and a half, along which there are magnificent accommodation facilities that welcome bathers with all types of equipment. Easily accessible, it is dominated by the city of Rodi that can be admired perched on the clifftop and bordered by the railway that runs parallel to the sea.

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