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Hotels of Gargano: the right facility for every type of tourist

Do you want to take a holiday in Gargano and are you looking for the right facility to accomodate you?
The alternatives that you will find in this section are many and they have been designed precisely to respond to the needs of all. The Gargano in fact is the perfect destination for those who travel with the family, but also for those who are looking for a magical place under the sun where one can spend a day with the better half.

The crystal-clear sea, the beaches, the excellent cuisine of Puglia, the hospitality and the warmth of the people of the South: many are the reasons that will bring you on holiday on the Gargano: choose from the many tourist resorts the one that suits you and discover the long list of accommodation facilities available for booking.

From the elegant 4 star hotels, to the 3 star hotels for families, up to the affordable 2 star to the practical B&B for those who just want a place to sleep in order to spend every day in a different location. Every traveller will find the right answer to his needs: start your search and book your hotel in Gargano, we're waiting for you on the beach!

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