Visit San Giovanni Rotondo: here are the things to see on a mystical journey in the city of Padre Pio

San Giovanni Rotondo is located in the mountains, on one of the paths leading to the Cave of the Archangel Michael, learn more about what to see in the city of Padre Pio, the saint who made it famous.

Its history is linked to the Lombard, Byzantine and Norman domination. After a glorious period under Federico II, began the darkest periods of the Angevin and Aragonese occupations. To rescue the city from the abandonment of the central governments and the poverty of an avaricious land, arrived in 1916 Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, who lived and worked here for 52 years.

Since then, San Giovanni Rotondo will bear the name of Padre Pio, who had the merit of renewing the message of faith spreading it all over the Catholic world and also the country's economy that revolves around the figure of the saint.

Visiting San Giovanni Rotondo means discovering the places full of sacred and evocative meanings in the Convent area, linked to Padre Pio. The route continues walking through the streets of the town with a visit to the many old and historically valuable churches. The Church of St. Nicholas with its precious copper portal, the oldest church in the town dedicated to St. Catherine, the Mother Church of San Leonardo, St. Ursula and the Madonna of Loreto, to name a few.

To be mentioned are also the ancient village of Sant'Egidio and the Curvara, archaeological locations of great value.

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