Beaches on the Gargano Cape: discovering the most beautiful beaches in North Apulia

We will take you to a discovery of some of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Gargano: from Vieste to Peschici, via Lesina and the Tremiti Islands, to Rodi Garganico and Mattinata. The shores of Cape Gargano are many, all beautiful and perfect for different types of tourism coming to Gargano.

Along the 140 kilometers of coast, alternate scenarios rather different from each other, one after another: the fine sandy beaches and the gravel ones, through the cliffs with caves, sea stacks and high, white cliffs.

On Cape Gargano, you can find large family beaches with shallow waters, safe for bathing children, as well as the wilder shores, with deep waters and shades ranging from emerald to deep blue, perfect for diving or relaxing dives in the seas that seem swimming pools.

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