Discover what to see in Mattinata, amidst beaches, bays, coves and enchanting sea

Mattinata, perched as it is at the intersection of the two hills of Castelluccio and Coppa della Madonna, is one of the most beautiful towns of Gargano, with its splendid terraces planted with olive trees, almond trees and prickly pears that jut into the crystal-clear sea, on which reflect the white houses of the center.

It is impossible to resist the charm of its wide bay, between the ridge of Mount Saraceno, known for the tombs guarded by the homonymous Archaeological Park, and the rock of Monte Sacro, with the fascinating ruins of the Abbey of the Trinity that protect the marina below, today one of the most crowded ports of the entire Gargano Coast. A place where history and nature meet, thus creating glimpses of incredible charm and appeal.

Mattinata has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano: kilometers of smooth pebbles refined by crystal-clear sea and a charming corollary of caves, coves and beaches accessible only by sea, like the Stacks of the Bay of Zagare, the Vignanotica beach and the Mattinatella beach.

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