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Restaurants of the Gargano: a trip to the discovery of the traditional cuisine of Puglia

With its gastronomic excellence, the delicious typical products and the wise recipes of the tradition, Puglia is a treasure chest of perfumes and flavours all to be discovered. The Gargano, in particular, provides extraordinary ingredients and dishes of rare tastiness: caciocavallo podolico, orecchiette, the anchovies of Vieste, buffalo mozzarella and the extra virgin olive oil masterfully combine to give life to gourmet dishes such as stuffed mussels, fish soups, rissoles of bread and pancotto, delights to be savoured slowly while sipping a glass of Primitivo before to end of the meal with a pettola or a handful of tozzetti garganici.

Many are the great restaurants of the Gargano in which you can savour the typical cuisine of Puglia: from the local trattorias of the centre of Vico to the exclusive restaurants of Vieste and Monte Sant'Angelo, from the sea view kiosks of Peschici and Mattinata to the taverns of Lesina and Rodi, everything contributes to the exaltation of the dishes that have made the history of this fascinating corner of Puglia.

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