Your guide to visit Vieste between enchanting sea caves, ancient coastal towers and trebuchets

Situated on the extreme tip of Cape Gargano, Vieste is the most beloved seaside resort of ​​Apulia, with its 30 km of coastline bathed by crystal-clear sea, which alternate with golden beaches, beautiful coves shaded by pine trees, breathtaking cliffs, romantic islands, enchanting sea caves, delightful coves and secluded bays.

One of the main tourist destinations in the south of Italy, it is the destination chosen by both young people and families for its beautiful sea and its charming old town, the heart of the city that comes alive through the alleys, ups and downs, small shops and stores. Superb and imposing stand the Castle and the Cathedral, built by Frederick II in an attempt to fortify the town after it was destroyed by the Venetians.

Besides the above mentioned sea caves, bays and beaches, among the main attractions of Vieste stand out the famous trebuchets, ancient fishing huts now converted into charming little restaurants, the coastal towers, the Marina Piccola, with its white houses carved into the rock, and Pizzomunno, an imposing limestone monolith that became the symbol of this town on Cape Gargano.

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