Gastronomic routes on Cape Gargano: a journey to discover the local products

Taste the flavors of Cape Gargano and the Region of Apulia through gastronomic routes of the beautiful country of Italy: it will be a wonderful way to discover the typical products of these lands, such as cheese, anchovies, buffalo mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil, as well as the most authentic recipes.

Slow Food has published “Viaggi di piacere tra arte e vino, natura e gastronomia, in auto, in bicicletta, a piedi” (“Pleasure trips between art and wine, nature and gastronomy, by car, by bike, on foot”) through Cape Gargano: a route that guides tourists to discover the healthy pleasure of food considered in all respects, not least culturally.

Whether you talk about oil, wine, cheese, fish, meat, vegetables or traditional dishes, each stage of this tour will allow you to live unforgettable experiences with visits to production facilities, vineyards and olive mills, tasting delicious products at zero km that emanate all the aroma and flavor of Apulia.

Even "The oil and wine roads" pass through the length and breadth of the entire Cape Gargano, and offer delicious tastings of hams, local artisan cheeses, breads, desserts and other tempting delicacies made in Apulia.

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