Itineraries Gargano: guides and tips for visiting the Puglia

This section gathers the best itineraries of Gargano, together with many guides and tips for visiting the Puglia. The Gargano area is rich in marvels of every kind, and the itineraries proposed herein allow to discover, experience and get to know this land.

Each itinerary follows a certain thematic path, allowing the choice of the one that better suits your taste. The gastronomic routes lead to the discovery of the flavour and of the traditional recipes of the place; the naturalistic routes offer a breath-taking experience to the discovery of the luxuriant Foresta Umbra; the religious paths touch the most famous places of worship in the area through the visit of important churches and monuments. For those who love adventure and prefer to explore the territory in an active manner, do not miss the many hiking trails that cut the entire region from north to south and from east to west.

The archaeological trails, instead, tell the story of the Gargano area starting from the most ancient roots through the visit of the most interesting archaeological sites. Finally, for the lovers of the underwater world, a dip in its clear waters to the discovery of the best diving itineraries will surely be an unforgettable experience.

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