Religious itineraries on Cape Gargano: religious tourism in Apulia, following the traces of Padre Pio

Cape Gargano is a destination often chosen by religious tourists coming to Apulia. This is due in large part to its deep connection with Padre Pio, a native saint of Pietrelcina (Benevento). At the age of 31, in 1918, Padre Pio received a divine visitation and consequently the stigmata on the hands, feet and ribs, which mysteriously disappear only on the day of his death, August 23, 1968.

His life was an unshakable testimony of faith, and many miracles were not lacking on the part of the priest, certificates in time, which in 2002 guaranteed his holiness proclaimed by the then Pope John Paul II. Every year, there are millions of faithful people who come to visit his tomb in San Giovanni Rotondo, from all over the world.

Religious itineraries on Cape Gargano also continue with the visit of the many churches and abbeys of this place. Among the many, we point out the Incoronata Sanctuary in the heart of the Tavoliere territory, dating back in the eleventh century, where the statue of the Black Madonna was found, continuing with the Cathedral of Foggia, built between 1172 and 1179, within which the ancient image of the Icon Veteris located.

Towards Manfredonia, there is also the Abbey of San Leonardo, while on the outskirts of San Marco there is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Stignano, built by the monks around 1300. The last stop is Monte Sant'Angelo where, about 800 meters high, stands the Sanctuary of San Michele.

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