Archaeological tours of the Gargano: a myriad of trails accessible all year

For archeology lovers, Gargano offers many routes to discover. In the Rignano Garganico area, there are the prehistoric remains of the Paglicci Cave, in Foggia in the town of Passo di Corvo and near the mouth of river Candelaro, there are settlements dating from the Neolithic. In Manfredonia, Vieste and Peschici, there are testimonies of the Age of Metals, of which we cite respectively Coppa Nevigata, Molinella and the Grottone di Manaccore.

In the ninth century. B.C., the Ancient Daunia was developed, a territory that extended beyond the current borders of the province of Foggia, also including the area of Melfi and Canosa. These extensive settlements were delimited by fortifications, among which we mention Manaccore, Monte Saraceno, Canosa, Ascoli Satriano, Ordona and Tiati-San Paolo Civitate. A valuable summary of current archaeological finds is made by the permanent exhibition in the Civic Museum of Foggia.

On the TuttoGargano website, learn everything about archaeological itineraries in northern Apulia. A myriad of paths that trace a long history accessible to the avid tourist during the whole year.

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