Nature tours in the realm of flora and fauna of the National Park of Gargano

Between Manfredonia and, Margherita di Savoia, there is a wetland of national and international interest, an extraordinary ecosystem, which migratory birds choose since always as perfect natural habitat.

In fact, in the territories of Daunia Risi and Frattarolo, reproduce as much as 46 of the 60 species related to water, existing in Italy. The two areas are located a few kilometers from the mouth of Candelaro and the second is the natural reserve "Palude Frattarolo". Both are part of the Gargano National Park. The trail that crosses about 3.5 km of this natural paradise is located on the coast road Manfredonia-Margherita di Savoia, at km 4 height, near the Lido Romagna. The area is equipped for bird watching.

The other area of ​​great nature interest is the one between the lagoons of Lesina and Varano with two main routes. The first one includes a stop at Foce Schiapparo, then walk up to the Cà Gravaglione farmhouse. The second, on the other hand, starts from Foce Lauro to reach the homonymous water pumps.

On sea cliffs exists abundant rocky flora: no less than 58 species of orchids. The Aleppo pine expanses are the largest in the world. There is also a rich fauna: roe deer, wild sheep, fallow deer, does and wild boars characterize the Gargano nature trails.

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