What to see in Vico del Gargano: the town of love, between history and nature

Vico del Gargano is a town of religious, artistic, natural and historical interest. Inserted among the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy, it is often known as "the town of love". It stands on a hill between the sea and the forest. The name comes from the Latin "vicus", village. Town of ancient origins, Vico del Gargano on its territory holds the archaeological remains of inestimable value.

Reborn under the reign of the great Emperor Frederick II, Vico del Gargano today still features an old town center, testimony of that past, which is certainly worth a visit. Vico del Gargano is also known as the "land of the citrus fruit": a resource that has brought jobs and prosperity to its citizens.

Another important resource is undoubtedly tourism, that gives life to San Menaio, a delightful location on the sea belonging to Vico del Gargano. On the opposite side, it is also important to mention the Umbra Forest, where areas have been created for parking or camping of tourists, as well as interesting nature routes, on the discovery of the flora and fauna of the area.

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