Beaches of the Tremiti Islands: one thousand and one cove for all tastes

The Tremiti Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations of Apulia. Located 22 km from the coast of Gargano, they are formed of several islands, of which only two are inhabited: San Nicola and San Domino. The latter is the largest and has the only sandy beach of the Tremiti Islands, the famous Cala delle Arene. This beach is made up of a picturesque strip of white sand and crystalline emerald waters. Another beach on the Tremiti Islands, still on San Domino, is the Pagliai Beach, the best known and the most photographed of the archipelago accessible only by sea.

Noteworthy, also on San Domino, are the Cala dei Benedettini, Cala degli Inglesi, Cala dello Spido and Cala Matano, among the most beautiful beaches of the Tremiti Islands. And the most exclusive beach is the Cala Tramontata. In Caprara, the busiest cove is Cala dei Turchi, while the most popular beach for scuba divers is Punta Secca. On the island of Cretaccio, there is the eponymous cove known for its characteristic smooth rocks and the presence of clay.

The Tremiti Islands offer a wide range of alternatives to be discovered, from the wild beaches for those who desire a reserved marine environment, to the most fashionable beaches for those who love the movement.

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