Campsites in San Giovanni Rotondo: religious vacations in the quiet of nature

San Giovanni Rotondo is a destination for a quiet spiritual vacation in a charming scenery and it is possible to choose between campsites in the green heart of the Gargano National Park, or those a few minutes away, overlooking the Adriatic Sea with its crystal-clear waters.

Choose and book a vacation in the best tourist villages. All the campsites are provided with every comfort and service as a true oasis of peace in which to spend a peaceful stay in the typical places of the city of Padre Pio, and at the same time to admire and enjoy the natural beauty and history of this land.

After intense days of pilgrimage to the places linked to the figure of Padre Pio, the vacation will continue in tourist villages with accommodation and camping areas equipped for campers and tents where you can also enjoy a relaxing vacation at the best bar and restaurant services, bazaars, and also sports fields and swimming pools.

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