Coastal road of the Gargano: breath-taking panoramas, natural caves, lakes overlooking the sea

The path of the coastal road of the Gargano is really evocative and exciting. The journey from Vieste to Peschici through hairpin bends and wonderful cliffs overlooking the waters of the Gargano offers wonderful and charming views of the sea while the wild nature of the Park overlooks and dominates behind.

Coves and bays along the coastal road: Baia dei Trabucchi, Baia San Nicola, Baia Zaiana, Baia di Manacorra, and then still Baia Manacore, Cala Lunga, Gusmay, Santa Maria di Merino.

The sea caves along the coast are natural phenomena of a unique beauty as real works of art dug into the rock. Even their names are evocative: "Smeraldo", "del Serpente," "dei Colombi", "dei marmi", "contrabbandieri" this last is the historic cave of the Gargano discovered by two fishermen in 1954.

For those who arrive on the Gargano from north, the first natural beauties on the way are the lakes of Lesina and Varano divided from the sea by a strip of coast. The first is a brackish lake that in periods of low tide let the isle of San Clemente emerge. On the west shores of the second rises the charming ghost town of San Nicola Imbuti now inhabited only by seagulls.

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