Easter on the Gargano: to the discovery of the territory between fascinating rituals and ancient traditions

Easter is a perfect opportunity to carve out a few days of vacation and enjoy the beginning of spring. Choosing to spend this feast on the Gargano offers completely new scenarios because Easter in this corner of Puglia shows the deep spirituality of this land: ancient traditions and fascinating rituals, handed down from generation to generation emerge and are relived with great emotion in these days.

Many villages in the Mountain of the Sun remember the Passion of Christ with processions and traditional customs. Do not miss the Holy Friday celebrated in San Marco in Lamis, with the historical procession of Our Lady of Sorrows accompanied by the "Fracchie", large oak trunks full of wood and branches set on fire to serve as torches, or the one of Vico del Gargano, with the evocative procession of the confraternities followed by the Mad Mass. Moments of great spiritual involvement for the locals and that every year attract visitors from all over Italy.

Spending Easter on the Gargano means to step back in time and to immerse yourself in the intimacy of this land being able to deeply understand its history and culture. An history that intertwines with the beauty of places finally warmed by the sun of spring after the long winter.

And for the day of Easter Monday, you cannot miss an excursion in the heart of the Gargano National Park, perhaps in the luxuriant and secular Foresta Umbra, to admire the reawakening of an untouched nature.

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