The Gargano during winter: a wild beauty to be discovered

With its natural, historical and cultural beauties the Gargano continues to fascinate even in winter showing its wild and still unspoiled soul.

The winter season is the ideal period for trekking, leisure fishing and deep sea fishing, but also to live the transformation of the unique colours of the Foresta Umbra. At Christmas, the Gargano retains its most profound traditions along the streets of the villages between lights, music, scents and tastes of ancient times.

Do not miss the Living Crib of Rignano Garganico and the religious itineraries as the one towards the grotto of St Michael the Archangel, in Monte Sant'Angelo, or San Giovanni Rotondo, eternal house of the Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. In February, lovers cannot miss the week of Vico del Gargano, between sacred rites and aromas of citrus fruits to enshrine their love in the day of San Valentino, while at the end of the month there is the famous Carnival of Manfredonia.

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