Hunting and hunting season on the Gargano: to best enjoy a great passion

When the summer comes to an end you start thinking about where you can spend the first hunting weekend. The Gargano, among the ideal destinations for hunting tourism in southern Italy, is equipped with facilities open during the hunting season. Many hotels and residences of the Gargano are equipped to meet the hunters’ needs: from kennels for dogs to expert guides of the area for the best hides, until completion of the ATC procedures to simplify the holiday of their guests.

Whole days dedicated to your passion without organizational hitches or wrong roads, with the excellent cuisine of the Gargano delighting the palates in the evening, the pleasant conversations and the comfortable rooms for your rest.

For lovers of game hunting there are many species to hunt: thrush, woodcock, lark, ringdoves and quails. A remarkable biodiversity due to the passage of migration and to ideal habitats, such as the lake of Lesina where you can hunt ducks and coots with the hide technique.

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