The Gargano in spring: a holiday that warms your heart

A spring weekend on the Gargano is what is needed to relax under the sun that warms and fills the heart. In what way? You can go hiking on the Mountain of the Sun, visit the evocative historical centre of Vico del Gargano, breathe the bracing and crystalline air of Foresta Umbra, enter in the spirituality of the Abbey of Pulsano or of the grotto of St Michael in Monte S. Angelo or enjoy a sunset at Peschici from the Torre di Monte Pucci.

But let us see what are the appointments not to be missed month by month. On 23 April in Vieste there is the Feast of San Giorgio with the traditional race of horses on the beach of Pizzomunno and the feast of the Crucifix of Lake Varano, a solemn procession that has its roots in 1300. From 8 to 10 May you cannot miss the feast of Santa Maria di Merino in Vieste, one of the most important celebrations of the entire Gargano that reveals all the religiosity of the local inhabitants and that keeps the traditions of this land alive.

If you choose the Gargano to spend your spring weekend you will find hotels, residences, camping and B&B equipped with all comfort and ready to offer you an affordable vacation of comfort.

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