Christmas on the Gargano: a dream intimate dimension to be savoured in relax

It is December and the land that surprised everyone during summer with its extraordinary beauty change scenarios and is again ready to surprise.

The lush green, a real panacea that in the hot summer days offered unforgettable moments of refreshment, turns into a graceful and silent fairy tale forest. It is the Foresta Umbra, which seems to be sleeping under a blanket of leaves.

In the streets of the suggestive villages people await Christmas. One can see it from the lights, the colours, the decorations, the music, the odours, the tastes. It is the right occasion to travel suggestive religious itineraries, as the one towards the cave of Saint Michael Archangel in Monte Sant'Angelo or towards San Giovanni Rotondo, eternal house of San Pio da Pietrelcina.

Not to be missed also Rignano Garganico with its living crib: the historical centre of the town is transformed into a small Bethlehem, with artisan workshops, actors and animals to revive the Nativity. The gestures and the rituals handed down from generation to generation revive the memories of the feast: stories that resume life in the houses where tastes and perfumes awaken latent feelings that go back in time, exciting and reassuring thinking that at the end, nothing has changed.

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